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Welcome to Bi-City Golf Club Columbus Georgia

5 Audobon Ct
Columbus, GA 31909


The Bi-City Golf Club, Inc originated as a brain storm of one of our own every day golfers,  
Mr. Eddie (Dump) Palmer

The first meeting was conducted in October 2006 and officers were elected:

  • President: Dan Webb
  • Vice President: Tyler Williams
It was decided to have a one-day tournament in March to kick off the golf season.  The tournament was a two man blind draw event, on the last Saturday in March; the time frame of this event was 2007 and 2008.

The president and vice president resigned in October 2007. 
In November 2007, the club elected:
  • President: Frank Brown
  • Vice President: William Rockemore
In May 2008, the club voted and decided to have a two day golf tournament, recommended by the president:  Mr. Frank Brown. This brought about our first annual two day event held at The Bull Creek Golf Course on August 28 and 29, 2009.

Current Board of Directors: 
  • President-Frank Brown
  • Vice President-Darrell Grissom
  • Secretary-Ernest Mitchell
  • Treasurer-Curtis McGee
  • Assistant Secretary-West Brown
  • Assistant Treasurer-Eddie Palmer