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Capitol City Golf Association

History Capitol City Golf Association (CCGA)

Capitol City Golf Association (CCGA)
Post Office Box 74605
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70807

The History of Capitol City Golf Association

Capitol City Golf Association (CCGA) was organized in 1961 to provide opportunities
for golfers to develop their individual skills and to foster a favorable climate to encourage others in
the community to participate in the game. The initial Open-Amateur Tournament was launched
in 1965 and was one of the first activities sponsored by the organization.
Members of CCGA have been successful in providing wholesome golf activities for forty-four
(44) years continuously and in the process, CCGA has emerged as one of the most respected
and prolific sports organizations in the area.
The organization's membership has grown and so has its aims and objectives. Currently CCGA lists
ninety (90) members. Activities have been expanded to include outreach programs and
benevolent programs. Major emphasis programs for 2010 include the Youth Golf Program and the
100 Black Men Legacy Fund.

The 2010 CCGA Tournament has been planned with a very comprehensive format. Corporate
sponsors, donors, business, and CIVIC organizations, and other contributors are being
solicited to assist CCGA in reaching its ambitious goals and objectives planned for the 2010
program year. The participating golfers and contributors are expected to exceed records set in
previous years.
Approximately 144 golfers usually travel from throughout Louisiana and neighboring states such
as Alabama, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and
Florida to play in this Annual Event.

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